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Amelia Suggs
 I feel more energetic and happier. I have excited new interests in the realm of fitness and weight lifting. I feel very comfortable and no longer intimidated. The staff are very friendly, and I just feel at home. They provide help with getting started on a healthier lifestyle.

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Are you struggling with your fitness goals? Come to New Horizon and talk to a trainer today about our personal training programs! Studies have shown that people trying to improve their health and fitness level accomplish much more when using a personal trainer. Training is personalized to your unique and specific goals. Our trainers work hard to educate you, as well as provide nutritional guidance, accountability, program design, and motivation on a personal level. Your goals are important so we make it our mission to help you achieve those goals. Now we just need you to let us help you by contacting us! We hope to hear from you today so we can help you get started on achieving your goals! 

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Team Training

Are you ready to take your team to the next level? We bring expertly designed workouts to enhance strength, speed, endurance, power, agility, flexibility, and team work. These are all aspects great athletes focus on to become better that also help to prevent injuries. Each team has specific needs and we can deliver what is needed to achieve a higher level of potential. Contact us today to discuss more about what we can do for your team!

Training Services

Self Defense Training

 Refuse to be a victim!

We offer private and small group self defense training. Ask to talk to one of our instructors to set up a convenient time for you. If you have more people and would like to set up a full course contact us and we can work with you.

We can work with you for pricing if you have a small group or would like to set up a full course.

 Program Design

Get a plan to produce results! Are you tired of doing the same old workouts, feeling lost in the gym, or just not seeing results? Program Design gives the freedom of coming whenever you can but with a plan of action. Providing accountability with a trainer, nutritional guidance, a done for you exercise program designed for you, and new exercises each month to keep things interesting. With a lower price point and freedom program design is a great option for many people.

Buddy Packages

(2-3) people.

Workout with friends or family with similar goals as you. Buddy packages are a great way to have close to one on one training with a personal trainer at a lower cost to you. Working out with a buddy also increases your support system as well as accountability to sticking with your program.